The challenge has been great … but the love greater!

Autism Resources of Marshall County is looking forward to expanding their Summer Camp and providing monthly recreational activities in the community by enhancing their available resources and developing new ideas to help those on the Autism Spectrum.  Your contribution and volunteer efforts will make Autism Resources of Marshall County a true success!

But the TRUE winners will be … all those individuals impacted by Autism!

The Camp

Autism Resources of Marshall County now offers two Summer Camps for those impacted by the Autism Spectrum Disorders.  One Summer Camp assists elementary children and the other helps with older individuals.  The purpose of the camp is to provide opportunities for social experiences in a community setting. 

 Each of the camps  provide a week's worth of daily activities and learning experiences through field trips, swimming, taekwondo, and learning activities for developmental growth. 

Education Professionals and volunteers provide leadership for the Camp.  Expenses are 100% funded by Autism Resources of Marshall County.

The objective is to expand the Camp in length of time, quality of activity and number of participants.  Your financial commitment can help achieve these objectives.

2017 Autism Camp 7-12

2017 Autism Camp K-6th Grade